Mormon Tabernacle Choir Practice

In a very uplifting end to a long day yesterday, we sat in on a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   And we were not alone — the public is invited to come and go at will.   At times nearly every available seat in the large Tabernacle was taken.  The sound is magnificent!   If you’re in Salt Lake City, make a point to hear this choir live!
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Millcreek Canyon Hike

This is the first of three posts for yesterday’s diverse activities in Salt Lake City.  We started things off with a short hike in nearby Millcreek Canyon in Wasatch National Forest.

One of the nicest things about Salt Lake City is the proximity of the mountains.  A quick surf of the web showed a fine-looking hike up Alexander Basin in Millcreek Canyon.   Happily Garmin made it easy to find the way — plotting a new course after finding freeway ramps closed and bringing us back by way of Jamba Juice…but I get ahead of the story.  

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