Traders Expo NYC 2011 Pics

hotel room art, new york city A few pictures to share from my trip to New York City for the Traders Expo in February 2011.    A (very) little bit of art above…

The 911 memorial is under construction, but meanwhile we have this one:

911 memorial

Of interest to traders and train riders:

Wall St

The subway mosiac leads to NYSE behind protective fences:

NYSE on Wall St

No tours of the exchange, so back on the train:

Wal lSt Subway Station

NASDAQ on Times Square:

NASDAQ in Times Square New York City

Oh yeah, I did work on this trip.  Here’s my presentation on Divergences at the Traders Expo New York:

MACD presentation

Finally, a little rest and refreshment in the room:


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Investors: How long do you keep a stock? Please Vote

Found a new fun and useful toy on the internet: BuzzDash. It allows you to create surveys real quick and easy. The survey comes with instructions to insert in your blog or website. If the BuzzDash folks think the survey is interesting to a wide audience, they run it on their website too.

Here’s my public survey for investors. I really wish I had before and after data for the latest events on Wall St to see if more people opt for trading over buy ‘n’ hold. Please vote now!

Roaming Around Paphos, Cyprus

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After Dr. Alexander Elder’s Traders Camp in Cyprus 2005, a few of us who wanted to see the rest of the island threw in together and spent the next three days exploring.   See earlier posts for descriptions of the class — this one is all about sightseeing.

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Traders Camp Bonus Day with Dr. Elder

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The 2005 Trader’s Camp with Dr. Alexander Elder officially ended on Friday.   Saturday turned into a bonus day with an impromtu invitation from Alex to sit in on his weekly top-down analysis of the markets, a.k.a. “homework”.    Now its one thing to be told how to do market analysis, a better thing to get ready-made spreadsheets for it, and best of all to look over the shoulder of a seasoned expert who can articulate his thoughts in real time.    We got all three as best-selling author Dr. Elder sorted through over 130 market indices and 237 sub-industry groups to find candidates stocks for the trading  week ahead.

Looking over Dr. Elder's shoulder

Looking over Dr. Elder's shoulder

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After Hours: Traders Camp Crossed The Line

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“Don’t take pictures of the checkpoint.”   “Watch out – its under military occupation.”   “You’re only allowed in for one day.”   In 2005, at Dr. Alex Elder’s Trader Camp in Cyprus, we knew these rules when we voted to venture, as a group, to Northern Cyprus, a territory controlled by the Turkish army and unrecognized by the United Nations.  A few campers had strong opinions about the unfortunate Greek vs Turkish conflict that cost thousands of lives on each side and declined the trip.  They spent their free day on the Greek side of the island.   The rest of us chipped in for the motor coach that took us for an unbelievably action-packed day.  

Kyrenia Castle, Northern Cyprus

Kyrenia Castle, Northern Cyprus

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Traders Camp After Hours in Cyprus

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At Dr. Elder’s Traders’ Camp 2005, the class hours were time for serious study and the dinner breaks were time for serious fun.  With 30 people total, it would have been far easier for Dr. Elder to just turn us loose to eat on our own or have the hotel buffet each night.   Instead, he arranged for us to indulge in the best of the local villages, which meant some wonderful meze feasts!   We set out in daylight to enjoy the sights on the way.

Alex Elder and Class Strolling in Cyprus

Alex Elder and Class Strolling Before Dinner

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