What’s With All The Ads

You may have noticed – and I hope you did – that these blog pages carry advertising.   I’m fascinated with affiliate marketing programs and decided to experiment with a few select companies I know and use myself.  

To date, in each post where I’ve put a link to an advertiser, I have included a disclosure that says I’ll get commission on the sale.  Now that I think about it, it’s not such big a deal that they need to get called out in every post.  So I’m going to discontinue that, explain here how it works, and let this post be my blanket disclosure.  
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Web Site Building Software

Here is a high level survey of software platforms to build web sites, ranging from high price professional tools to their free open source counterparts.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive report — its a rundown of my recent experiences.  Continue reading

What Are You Looking At?

Do you know, when you look at a web page, what you are really seeing? Do you wonder how this site got here?  I want to share what I’ve learned lately about making websites and give a roadmap for people who, like me, want to have their own sites for business and pleasure.   Continue reading

Hello world!

Here on my very first evening with the blog I cruise around trying to see which end is up.  The next few posts will be experiments to see how much I can do with the basic setup.   Really wish I could find a way to edit that main page image but that eludes me so far.