Viral Mktg and World Wide Rave Video

David Meerman Scott made a promo video of his World Wide Rave book.  Yours truly shows up at about 1:07

Aside from the gratification of finding myself on YouTube, I post this because I’ve been meaning to comment on the fact that another of David’s suggestions is working out well.

David set an example of giving away totally free content in a blog post earlier this year.   He advocates just letting it rip, no registration required.   Contrast this with advice aplenty around internet marketing circles that one has to collect contact info from a giveaway download.  Conversely, so the common wisdom goes, one must offer t to indhe giveaway to induce people to give up their contact info.

I admit to a little trepedation when I posted the first issue of BackTesting Report as a totally free  download.   Now, one month later, I can compare the two tactics:  totally free vs sign-up required.    In January 2009, I offered an excerpt of the same document for anyone who gave me an email address and first name. 

The results are stunning.   Downloads of the totally free document soared 1100% in free Feb vs registration-required Jan.   The thing that really blew me away is that roughly the same percentage of site visitors added their contact info to the mailing list.  This is despite the fact that there is no longer a “bribe”, simply an offer to keep the list informed as new BackTesting Reports become available.

Clearly, a free download gives the material greater circulation and people will still sign up for a mailing list if they want news on a topic that interests them.

Thanks David!


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