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BackTesting Report helps you make rational investment and trading choices by giving you the results of rigorous testing of popular technical strategies.    It gives you the data without all the effort of backtesting yourself.

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Investors: How long do you keep a stock? Please Vote

Found a new fun and useful toy on the internet: BuzzDash. It allows you to create surveys real quick and easy. The survey comes with instructions to insert in your blog or website. If the BuzzDash folks think the survey is interesting to a wide audience, they run it on their website too.

Here’s my public survey for investors. I really wish I had before and after data for the latest events on Wall St to see if more people opt for trading over buy ‘n’ hold. Please vote now!

Traders Camp in Cyprus – Sept 2005

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In Sept 2005,  I attended a week-long stock and commodity trading camp by Dr. Alexander Elder and Mr. David Weis on the island of Cyprus.  I learned two vastly different methods of technical analysis for trading, plus money management and all-important trading psychology.   The camp structure and side trips also helped me to meet other traders and create friendships that last to this day.   This post in the Cyprus series focuses on the seminar itself.

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