Coke Rewards vs Ipsos

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You can have my Coke Rewards points.  I recently heard of a bunch of complaints about the Coke Rewards program.  I want to tell people about a better offer from Ipsos.   In case you don’t know, Coke offers Rewards of gifts and prizes as a loyalty program for buying their products.  Ipsos offers Rewards of gifts and prizes in return for taking surveys.  Here’s why I think the Ipsos offer is better:

  1. My Coke Rewards make you buy products. Ipsos doesn’t cost anything and you are sometimes given the product for review.
  2. My Coke Rewards involves mostly sugary or artifically products. Ipsos surveys don’t have sugar.
  3. My Coke Rewards is mindless, Ipsos engages your brain at least a little.
  4. The My Coke Rewards program is ending soon, but Ipsos continues indefinitely.
  5. Ipsos has an affiliates program so I get a small payment when people sign up through my links.    

To be fair, both seem slower ways to actually get products than just buying products from your wages.  Ipsos possibly takes more time to do surveys than My Coke Rewards.  On the upside, anyone can sign up and earn rewards without spending any money.

I’d rather do the Ipsos survey program over My Coke Rewards.   I’ll give my Coke Reward points (from a 12-pack of Fanta) to the first person who comments on this article. 

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