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11/23/08: Download the latest design by clicking the image below. (Click the image, then Right-click and choose Save Picture As).   I make it available “CC-BY” as per the wordle creator, Jonathan Feinberg.   I let go of the GPL licensing because I’m told that wordle is “fair use” of copyrighted material. Furthermore GPL and CC-BY seem to me to have the same intent of preventing anyone downstream of claiming exclusive rights. The custom shirts are once again available at my cloud clothes shop on SpreadShirt

11/15/08: Downloads disabled pending resolution of Creative Commons and GNU licensing.   Both licenses are required for these images since the text sources are covered under GPL and the is covered under Creative Commons Attribution.


11/08/08: Updated graphic based on sample shirt.   Download rev2 of Calculus here.

Based on Wikipedia Calculus entry, designed with  I make the design available under GPL. You can download the graphic here.  (Click link, then Right-click and choose Save Picture As)

If you want it on a T-shirt now, with minimum fuss, visit my cloud clothes shop on SpreadShirt

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See WP Code Cloud page for the latest graphic.

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