Jackie at Hilarion Castle in CyprusAfter almost 20 years in the corporate high-tech world, I took off to learn about the stock market and kick back a bit. I am still working on both those goals. My idea of a good time is a long hike, a brisk bike ride or a visit to an interesting place.  I’ve got geek DNA and am equally fascinated with the world inside my computer screen.

This photo of me was taken in Sept 2005 atop St. Hilarion Castle in Northern Cyprus by Jillian Adams.  The castle visit was a side trip on a stock trading camp presented by Dr. Alexander Elder on the island of Cyprus.

The blog’s title “UnIncorporated” holds a four-fold meaning for me:

  1. It reflects my departure from the corporate world of 800 lb. gorillas after so many years in it. Many of the initial stories in this blog chronicle my adventures on my own.
  2. This site stands in contrast to my current collection of small corporate websites including Own Mountain Trading Company, Divergence Alerts, and BackTesting Report.  This is the official “president’s blog” to show a human face behind those sites.
  3. Unincorporated land is usually the status of the open spaces that I love.
  4. The word also means to me the road less traveled, out in the weeds, where I seem to spend a lot of my time, finding both peace and inspiration.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’re probably wondering “what’s with the middle name all of a sudden?” Suffice it to say that there are plenty of people with my first and last names on the web and I wanted to distinguish myself. I got the idea, and many others, from David Meerman Scott. You’ll know it’s working when my pages rise to the top of a Google search on “Jackie Ann Patterson”.

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