An Alternate View of Hawaii

You’ve seen the sunny view of Hawaii. Even nightfall comes with a blaze of sunshine.
Sunny Sunset on Oahu
Get ready for something different!

Maybe because I’m blogging on a rainy day again. Or because staying on Oahu where even the west coast — usually the dry side of a Hawaiian island — means a brief shower that put us under a grass mat almost every day.

Anyway, here comes the storm on Oahu.

Here Comes the Storm Oahu

Storm Oahu

We waited out the next storm beside a small harbor off the beaten track:
Waiting the Storm Out

And the storm cleared (most) of the tourists from Hanauma Bay, freeing up parking and beach space for us late-comers.
Hanauma Bay

And how about a little moonshine at the hotel?
Moonlight over Ko Olina

Or over dinner?
Moon Rise from Restaurant

Okay, one last sunset. This with storm clouds carrying the color.
Stormy Sunset

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