Repentant Elton John Delivers

Had a delightful treat of an Elton John concert while in Las Vegas to present at the MoneyShow. He and his band rocked!Elton John in concert

Elton’s fingers still fly with an amazing reach to play his signature chords and get down with a little rock and roll boogie woogie piano.
Elton John on piano

Got an extra half-hour with Elton John engaging the audience between every song and often stepping out from behind the piano to chat us up. Evidently the show two days before was cut short when Elton John threw a tantrum and left the stage after 35 minutes. Now he seemed eager to make it up.
Elton John Engages Audience

As you can see, the chameleon piano morphs its skin to match the nifty visuals on the background screen.
Elton John's Chameleon Piano

With three percussionists, the band made itself felt. When they reached a crescendo, my clothes would literally vibrate.
Elton John concert crescendo

Good vibes indeed!

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