C’mon Up to Castle Rock

Castle Rock Park ViewCastle Rock is a park on the edge in two respects:

  1. It sits right up at the top of Skyline and drops steeply to the southwest, giving expansive views of the redwood forest out to Monterey Bay
  2. Its on and off and on the closure list of state parks, which means you might want to check out those views while you still can.

On Feb 26, I acted as the sweep for a Sempervirens Fund hike around the Saratoga Gap and Ridge Trails.   Hike leader Scott Peden snapped excellent photos, including a panel of wildflowers.  He also got a great shot of the woodpecker we saw.

Here’s Scott pointing out all the land across the San Lorenzo watershed — half of which is scheduled for closure in July if it can’t find funding.

Scott Peden Guides Castle Rock
Along the trail…my role as caboose gives a nice vantage point.
Castle Rock Park TrailNobody can resist touching the Madrone “refrigerator trees”.  Madrone treesOld growth redwoods live in Castle Rock, too.

old growth redwoodsWhen you visit Castle Rock State Park, I just have one request:  Please pony up for parking or buy a parks pass.  Your dollars count towards keeping the parks open and maintained.

4 thoughts on “C’mon Up to Castle Rock

  1. Great post! Sempervirens is stepping forward to help keep this park open – what a great organization! Interested in learning more about efforts to keep Castle Rock SP and Portola Redwoods SP open? follow the url above.

    BTW – is the picture at top Lisbon?

    Thanks again!

  2. Hey Andrew-
    Thank you for your comments!
    Yes, I believe the top photo is Lisbon. It is actually a stock photo that comes with this WordPress blog theme. I chose it because I so enjoyed my travels in Portugal.
    I see you’re with portolaandcastlerockfound.org — I wish you every success in keeping those precious parks open! Thanks for all you do!!

  3. Nice blog post, I really like the Caboose photo too.
    I’m not understanding which link Andrew is talking about, I’d like to know more about his organization your referring to.


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