View Through Cadillac Eyes

la_caddy_cropBurbank Alamo, for reasons of their own, decided to rent me this Cadillac.    Maybe they were out of compacts.   Oddly, for this trip I had hastily grabbed a CD from my car on the way to the airport — Foghat’s Greatest Hits.    Packed with enough classic rock to get the Caddy down the Ventura Freeway to Pasadena.  

Would never have thought the two go together — luxury auto and 70s rock — but since Led Zep Rock ‘n’ Roll powers the commericals,  I get the surprising message:  this kind of car is supposed to be for me now.  

Next day, I had a couple hours between show and airport.   Took a ride up Mulholland Dr, because…why not?  Maybe a better freeway car but I wanted to see the view from the hill. 

Wound up at a Pinkberry on Ventura Boulevard, snacking on tart fro-yo there at a tiny table between the man with $800 loafers and the lady who maybe inspired the book “When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple”.   That’s L.A. and that’s okay.

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