Free MP3s of The Graduates Soundtrack

Check it out!  The makers of upcoming movie “The Graduates” are offering free mp3 downloads of the soundtrack.   See and enter coupon code “GOGRADS” to get the 2 disc set without entering your credit card info.

I watched the trailer.  It looks like a good after-high-school summer fun movie.  I’m enjoying the fresh music as I write this post.

The songs on the playlist are:

1 Lazing By the Swimming Pool by Kojo
2 Lazy Guy by Kudabins
3 I Went Out by The Mad Tea Party
4 Every Way by The Mad Tea Party
5 Show Me a Love by Maurice & The Cliches
6 Your Room by The New Rags
7 Lawnchairs by Our Daughter’s Wedding
8 Just Impolite by Plushgun
9 Here Kitty Kitty by Seth Freeman
10 Get Offa My Case by Seth Freeman
11 White Surf Trash by Sex with Lurch
12 Learning To Sing by Sonia Montez
13 Surf The Seven Seas by The New Rags
14 Peace of Mind by Uncle Mountain
15 Tokyo Cowboy by Sex with Lurch
16 Wasteland by Andy Morris
17 Drinking Alone by Promis
18 Move You by The Mad Tea Party
19 The Garden by The Smittens
20 Kind of Zero by Joe Moore
21 A Vision of One by Seth Freeman
22 I Never Was A Cool One by The Mad Tea Party
23 Planes in the Sky (Bonus Track) by Vagina Water Park
24 Graduation (Bonus Track) by The New Rags

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