World Wide Rave in Palo Alto, CA

The New Rules of Marketing suggests using one’s middle name to stake a unique space on the web.  I took note and now googling Jackie Ann Patterson brings me to the top of the list. I’m pretty happy about that.  So when New Rules author David Meerman Scott posted a request for photos with the poster for his upcoming book, I was happy to take my new camera out for a spin.  I took a walk down University Ave in Palo Alto, stopping at a few cool places along the way.

The Apple Store is not unique to Palo Alto, but its always busy especially during back-to-school season at nearby Stanford University.   I have no idea who was in the blue coat reading the newspapers but he stayed oblivious the whole time I snapped pics. 

Red Mango is a relatively new kid on the block.  Their tart pom yogurt is my favorite, although I haven’t had a chance to sample their competitor in Korean fro yo, Pinkberry.  

The next stop was beautifully restored Stanford theater which was running a Bogey double feature.

facebook headquarters sits back from the street down by the train station.   The lobby guards were very accommodating as I got a quick shot to update my facebook profile.  

I’m looking forward to reading World Wide Rave and learning more about using the web and social media.

2 thoughts on “World Wide Rave in Palo Alto, CA

  1. Hi Jackie,

    What a great collection of shots. I particularly like the one you took at Facebook headquarters. I’ll be using that one for sure in some interesting ways. I’ll post about your photos this week.

    Also very cool to hear about your name. I started using my middle name about ten years ago and it was one of the best marketing decisions I’ve ever made.

    Thanks very much and all the best for your success.


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