Custom Manufacturing for Your Gifts

Give a Gift Designed by You!

This post tells how to work with the manufacturer to get a custom shirt from your blogger’s wordle design. See the previous posts for instructions on how to make and edit the design. You can also use these instructions to create a custom gift based on any of your photos or graphics.

I started with Spreadshirt Designer because my web host, 1&1 gave me a free premium store there.  To get started yourself, follow this link: Custom T-Shirts. Order Now!

At the Spreadshirt web site, you need to:

1. Upload your design.   To do this, click on the “Design Tab”  and then at the bottom of the box of pre-made designs, choose “Upload a Design”.    The panel at right changes to “Upload a Photo”.    Read and comply with the Copyright Declaration, then click the button to “Choose a Photo”.  Use .png format because the wordle is too intricate for their vector process. 

2. Choose a product.  Go to the “Product” tab and select the product type.   The shirts and mousepads are easiest.   If you’ve saved your design as black writing on white background, a white shirt will work best.   Otherwise, the white will actually print on a shirt of another color.    One way around this is to use an advanced graphic program to make the background transparent. 

3. Apply design.  You can apply your design here.   You can also add in other goodies from the design marketplace.  

4. Choose sizes.   Size the graphic in the shirt display.    Then choose a shirt size (under product list).

5. Create shirt.   Hit the Add to Cart button and follow instructions to complete the transaction and create the shirt.

Congratulations!    Your custom gift is on the way!


Custom T-Shirts. Order Now!

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