Capturing the Cloud — Getting the Gift Design out of Wordle

Give a Gift Designed by You!
The previous two posts talk about creating a word cloud gift with    The next step is to capture the design in a format for graphic editing.   

Here are three basic ways to capture the cloud.    There’s undoubtedly more, but these are free and easy.

1. Screen Capture.    Not recommended because the resolution is too low for printing a shirt — I tried it.

2. Print and scan.   Brute force, but its quick.   You must have fresh ink and clean scanner glass though.

3. Print to PDF, read into a graphics program.    The wordle creator recommends this route using freeware CutePDF and open source Inkscape.    I haven’t tried this path yet.  (Hey, I saw the recommendation after I did the print ‘n’ scan thing.)

Whatever path you take, you need to emerge from this step with a .png file, preferrably in 200dpi resolution or better.
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