How To Make Blog Gifts with Wordle

Looking for a great gift for the blogger in your life? Let them wear their heart on their sleeve in a cool way with a wordle cloud design of their very own blog.   You can print the design on a T-shirt, mouse pad. Or just send the wordle link electronically to let your blogger know how much they are appreciated.   If you’re the blogger, go ahead, be nice to yourself and give yourself a little gift for all your hard work on the blog.

Here’s an example of a wordle of my Grand Canyon Journal just itching to go on a muddy T-shirt:

Steps to create your own Wordle gift:

1. Select the source material.

Let me first say that I’m far from an expert in copyright, and if you’re in doubt about the source material you are using, perhaps you should consult such an expert. can take a web site or feed address and run with it.      However, in a blog, that is limited to the few articles visible on the feed which might not really represent the full potential of the blog.    For example, as of this writing, mine would look like this, instead of the cool Grand Canyon version above.

The best way to go is to select specific material.   If the blog lists links to popular posts, follow those.  Or select categories and/or tags.    When you get a good page of material, copy/paste it into the wordle engine.  You do that by going to, selecting Create from the top menu, and pasting into the first big box.  You can paste in multiple selections, order is not important.

If, at this point, you realize that your blogger doesn’t have any content fit to print on a shirt, don’t despair.  You can  use my WordPress wordle design. It is made from the code for the popular WordPress software, which powers several million blogs.   You can use the design for free to make a shirt or poster, whatever you’d like.  Or you can click a shirt below to buy one ready-made: 

 Cool T-Shirt for BloggersWP Baseball Shirt

Assuming that you did find some good text to use, you’re ready to create the clouds. The next post will cover how to use the wordle engine to do just that.

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