How To Give Your Cat A Pill — Really

Reprint of my Amazon review of a great new cat product, Pill Pockets.  Includes link to the old joke which Amazon won’t let me post.


Here ’tis:


5.0 out of 5 stars This is How To Give A Cat A Pill, September 14, 2008
We’ve probably all seen that joke emailed around a few years ago about giving a cat a pill. Most cat owners I’ve talked to had experiences that weren’t much different than the nightmare parody.

Well no more! This product made it unbelievably easy to give a pill!

My cat just went on heart medication. The (chicken) Pill Pockets work fabulously! I put several other treats or wet food on his plate at the same time. He usually eats the pill pocket somewhere in the middle of the snack. If its the only thing on the plate, he won’t eat it though.
My vet sold me the first bag of pill pockets. Now I’m back to buy more at a much lower price.

I guess they offer a similar product for dogs but my recollection is that getting a dog to eat about anything is not much of a chore.

2 thoughts on “How To Give Your Cat A Pill — Really

  1. Yep, used them for years with Bailey…. dogs love ’em!! We used to hide her meds in cheese. She was a true magician – cheese gone, pill found on floor days later. We never had that problem with pill pockets. Sure glad I found the pill pocket, too bad I did not INVENT it!!

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