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This is a permanent entry to orient new readers.  If you’ve been here before, you may want to skip to the next regularly-updated post.

This blog is about sharing the joys and adventures of life.   In it you’ll find stories of my travels, insight into Web 2.0 concepts, and references to things I like.    I have a diverse set of interests — if you want to read posts on a single topic, use the category links at right to filter out a thread.  

In a blog, the most recent entries come first.  Even when the post is about the past, the blog will give it to you in order it was written.  Thus this story line jumps around because I’m telling tales both old and new.

I invite you to read a little or a lot.  Bookmark and come back as I plan to update often.   Or you hit the top button to subscribe to the RSS feeds to have new posts delivered directly to you.    As always, comments are most welcome!


6 thoughts on “Welcome New Readers!

  1. I like your blog–the layout and the content. I also like the way you have one big photo at the top right and then two columns underneath it. I gotta figure out how to do that. Also, I am impressed with how much content you seem to have generated in a short period of time- August and September.
    Anyhow, I run a website myself with certain similarities: my website is all about adventure stories. You can check it out if you like at http://www.adventurestories.info. I struggled with the problem of wanting to write about more than one topic, not just adventures all the time. My solution was to create several blogs, each about a different subject. The trouble is that I can’t keep any of them fresh with content very often. What are your thoughts- is it best to have one blog constantly fresh or several with each one sticking to a specific topic? My goal all along is to try and produce some income and have a good time writing. Well, I love the writing but so far I have only made a tiny amount of cash. It looks like your website is fairly advanced with advertising and I found myself looking at your ads even though I normally avoid doing so. I think your ads are somewhat compelling. In conclusion, I like what you have going on.

  2. Hello Bryan-
    Thanks for your well thought out comments.
    I’m glad you put in a link to your website — I really enjoyed reading about your travels. Your writing is very engaging. Some of your stories were “hidden” because the home page navigation bar isn’t there. That was solved when I clicked on the Southeast Asia category. I got the navigation and could also go to “Backpacking” and the others which I liked.
    I am struggling with the problem of focusing or not on a specific topic. At first, I thought that anything I write each day should just go into the blog – it is my online diary after all. But now I realize jumping around is not the most reader-friendly. I will be launching a new blog next week that will be more business-oriented.
    Mostly I am experimenting as I start out. I’ll keep going with areas that get comments and clicks while letting go of the things that don’t work.
    Your adventure blog seems very focused. Do you mind sharing links to your other blogs?
    On the advertising, I am again experimenting. This template makes it very easy to include the pic and ads in the sidebars. CJ.com makes it easy to get the ads. I’ve only put up the ones from companies that I really like and use myself. Still it may be overwhelming and for all that, its just barely covered the cost of hosting. So I’ll try different things.
    Whatever else, I am enjoying the process.
    Best wishes to you, Bryan, in all your adventures!

  3. Hi there,

    This is completely off topic but couldn’t find anywhere else to ask, I’m not on linkend.

    I see you use Worden’s stockfinder. I’ve only been able to find a few reviews. They have mentioned that stockfinder is a resource hog, really slows down the computer. Since you have experience, could you please comment. I think you can see me email address, could you please send me a email.



  4. Hi Jeff-
    I sent you back an email on your question a couple weeks ago. At that time, I had meant to post an article on my trading blog, http://www.backtestingblog.com, that would publicly address your question too. As it turns out, my priorities shifted and I’ll just post my response here:

    I’m using the older version of Stockfinder 4.0. Its called Blocks 2.0. It runs very, very fast. Much faster than Tradestation. However, Blocks (stockfinder) uses a lot of memory and will hang the computer if there is not enough memory. I would only use it on a computer with 1G of RAM minimum and preferably 2G.

    I should also note that I use Blocks to scan the market each evening for signals to buy or sell short. I use TradeStation for backtesting.

    Best regards,

  5. I hope all of the participants will share the adventurous and memorable events here, the most memorable event for me to remember when i walked for 17 miles from my home land.

  6. Hi Jackie,
    I’m responding to your query about Asbury Harpending, Jr. It’s not clear to me which of my blogs or other sites you have accessed. If you want more info on him, please send me an email: rpavelas@gmail.com. I noticed your article on Castle Rock Park. I’ve hiked there many times and have written a poem inspired by the madrone and pine.
    Best wishes,

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