Fantastic Farewell to Utah

I’m just now getting to write about last Sunday’s whirlwind through Utah which included a choir concert, hike up Mt Aires, and flight home.   What a great finale for a fantastic business (and pleasure) trip!


Having heard the practice session, of course we went back to the Tabernacle for the actual broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Its show number 4121 of “Music and the Spoken Word” — that’s 79 years!   We were treated to an absolutely joyous performance!  Plus an interesting glimpse behind the scenes of the production.   Click here to buy CDs of the choir’s music. 

Then a power brunch at Village Inn Pancake House — a mountain time zone favorite of mine, especially since it was one of my first jobs in Denver.   Followed immediately by a carb coma in the mini-van en route to the trailhead.

We hiked up Mt Aires, all the way this time.   Pretty tough trudge near the top in the heat. I was feeling about as heavy as one of the huge gold pipes on the Tabernacle organ.   Music ringing in my head, I just put one foot in front of the other…”onward, ever onward” to quote the “Called to Serve” video.

The reward for the climb is fantastic views! The city and lake to the west.  Clear skies maybe to Wyoming to the east. 

Atop Mt Aire

Atop Mt Aire

Not much time to enjoy it though as we are 3 hours from flight time!  Yikes!   It took almost that long to get here!  Suddenly gravity is my best friend, speeding me down the mountain.    Its so nice to have mountains and airport so close.

 I fly off into the sunset amid the jet engines roar… and my gentle snore.

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